RAMA LLP is an authorized Sales and Implementation partner of Kockpit BI tools. Our business intelligence solution enables you to look deeper into key performance factors and critical business information in your organization that require swift actions and smart decisions.

What is Kockpit?

  • Pre- Configured Business Dashboards for mid-size Enterprises.
  • Provides complete visibility of operations/ finance, business results and key parameters on a single platform.
  • Easily configurable according to specific business needs and yet scalable & evolving data solution

Kockpit has two sections – Business Dashboard and Finance Dashboard


Business Kockpit for CEOs

A Self-service Dashboard for CEOs about their business, enabling them to take fasrer and proactive decisions with near real time data.

Provides analysis of Sales, Orders, Receivables, Inventory and Expenses (refer brochure)

Finance Kockpit for CFOs


You can get your balance sheet just at a click

P&L statement available at your fingertips- Analyze expense trends, and deep dive into trouble areas.