Enhancement & Improvement Projects

ERP Functionalities is continuously improving in 360 degrees. However, a user company can implement these in a gradual manner.
We are up for the challenge to improve utilization of these upcoming functionalities in each of our clients.

We have contributed immensely in multiple projects to increase utilization of ERP from 30to 50%.
This includes automation and improvement in internal controls. For achieving this we use advanced tools like

1. Dashboards,
2. Web services,
3. Work flows,
4. Automated Emailing,
5. Automated notifications
6. Performance optimization
7. Data Archival Process
8. Incoming Document functionalities
9. Role based Access Management
10. Bar Code Integration
11. BI and Weigh bridge integration and so on.

Our resources are fully capable to use these advance tools in dynamics products, to take the ERP implementation to next level.