ERP Product & Vendor Evaluations

The ERP systems are now available in all sizes and shapes for all platforms and development environments.
Evaluating the ERP system available and selecting one for the organization is very critical tasks. The decision can make or break an organisation.
It involves understanding critical business requirement, finding the best fit product in the market and assisting in getting the contract done.
Lack of ERP industry understanding in client’s company is a major reason because of which client should hire experts from this industry to suggest a right product.
Many projects do fail because of not choosing the right product.
We do this in complete unbiased manner, on a merit basis, using our expertise in this area. Area of work includes:

i. Business Requirement Study and Documentation
ii. Identification of Suitable Products
iii. Drafting of Request for Proposal (RFPs)
iv. Demo Scripts for Product Evaluation
v. Software’s functional strengths & weaknesses relative to business
vi. Negotiation & Finalization of Contract with Vendor
We have in the past guided our esteemed clients for a right product which has ultimately yielded desired results.