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Dynamics Mobile:

RAMA LLP is an authorized Sales and Implementation partner of Dynamics Mobile. Dynamics Mobile allows the organizations to connect mobile devices (phones, tablets) and IoT (Internet of Things) hardware (buttons, sensors, etc.) to their ERP or other backend systems. 
Dynamics Mobile may be used as a hybrid (cloud/on-premises) solution or pure cloud service


What is Dynamics Mobile?

  • Dynamics Mobile provides cloud-based reports over the collected mobile and IoT data, allowing the managers to track their fleet in real time as they progress in the field or analyzing the fleet routes, compliance and performance for past period over the world map.
  • It causes significant cost optimization by extending the reach of the control and visibility out to the field, where the business actually happens.
  • Dynamics Mobile is “on-demand” platform , providing ready and customized business solutions built around mobility and internet-of-things (IoT)