ERP & IT Consulting

1. Post Implementation Review

ERP implementation Project involves huge cost and time investment to companies. Organizations many times want to have an independent evaluation as to whether the company has achieved the ERP implementation objectives and if there are Gaps how those can be rectified.

Owing to our vast experience of implementation projects we are competent enough to analyse a project. Such assignments revolve around analysing:

i. Cost Vs. Returns
ii. System Vs. Business Processes
iii. Scope Completion Evaluation
iv. Implementation and Data Migration review
v. Effective control framework built into the processes
vi. Integration of ERP with other systems / BI Tools
vii. Efficient maintenance of accounting records
viii. Requirements related to financial statements is achieved
We not only provide a review report but we provide a complete action plan so that management can get the desired results out of these ERP implementations.

2. Product & Vendor Evaluation

The ERP systems are now available in all sizes and shapes for all platforms and development environments.
Evaluating the ERP system available and selecting one for the organization is very critical tasks. The decision can make or break an organisation.
It involves understanding critical business requirement, finding the best fit product in the market and assisting in getting the contract done.
Lack of ERP industry understanding in client’s company is a major reason because of which client should hire experts from this industry to suggest a right product.
Many projects do fail because of not choosing the right product.
We do this in complete unbiased manner, on a merit basis, using our expertise in this area. Area of work includes:

i. Business Requirement Study and Documentation
ii. Identification of Suitable Products
iii. Drafting of Request for Proposal (RFPs)
iv. Demo Scripts for Product Evaluation
v. Software’s functional strengths & weaknesses relative to business
vi. Negotiation & Finalization of Contract with Vendor
We have in the past guided our esteemed clients for a right product which has
ultimately yielded desired results.

3. ERP Implementation Assistance

Many times, during ERP implementation desired expertise and resources are not available with client company for doing ERP implementation.
ERP vendor company generally has limitations for what they can contribute during ERP implementation.
To bridge this GAP, RAMA renders assistance service in various phases of ERP implementation.


For example:
i. Assisting in the communication of right Business Requirements.
ii. Evaluating Business Blue Print or FRD documents to ensuring that all business process and scenarios have been sufficiently dealt with.
iii. Playing a key user’s role and imparting end user training.
iv. Assisting in Master data and Dynamics data compilation.
v. Independent Verification and Validation with respect to FRD and Business Blue Print (UAT).
vi. Project Coordination on behalf of a client with ERP vendor.
We can take end to end implementation assistance project right from evaluating ERP Vendor till post go live support, to ensure successful ERP implementation on behalf of the client.
We have already completed multiple ends to end successful implementation projects in various products like Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP R3, SAP B1, LN, Epicor, Eresource etc.

4. Project Management Service:

End to End Project Management from client side and ERP Vendor side is essential for any ERP Implementation. These ERP projects therefore need a project manager from both the sides. This project manager should have a good grip on client’s business process and how ERP gets implemented at client conditions.
We can depute a project manager who will be acting as a project manager from client side so that all requirements to spearhead a project from client side can be fulfilled. He will be a person who has in-depth knowledge of business process and each phase of ERP implementation so that he can ensure deliverables from ERP vendors and actionable from Key users of client side.

5. IT & System Audit

We are providing IT & Systems Audit in Large and mid-sized organizations and financial services. We have CISA/DISA qualified team and IT engineers who have an in-depth understanding of IT Governance and IT Security practices and its implementation. With the background of this knowledge we are providing IT & Systems Audit in various companies. Some of the areas we touch upon are:

i. Review of the security mechanisms configured
ii. Evaluation of possible exposures to unauthorized network
iii. Review of router configuration and logging procedures
iv. Disaster recovery procedures for the firewall and OS
v. Penetration testing