Core ERP

1. Green field ERP Implementation

With the combined experience of 100+ projects in diverse industries, we RAMA ERP team is doing successful ERP Implementations in diverse Geographies having different taxation conditions.
Our team is committed to own a project and provide the best assistance to implement the ERP product in the picture.

Below is worth noting in this regard:
1. Adopting Globally accepted Sure Step Implementation Methodology
2. Doing Detailed Business Process Understanding and Mapping Business Process in the ERP
3. Involvement of senior Management in business process designing
4. Encouraging participation of users in designing, Training and User Acceptance Test
5. Interactive workshops and hands on trading for better adoptability
6. Smooth Data transmission through multiple master data related brain storming
7. Dedicated post go live support for smooth handover
8. End to end Project Management and Risk Management to achieve completion of the project at the right time at right cost

We are expert in:
1. Rapid: Direct Deployment of Products
2. Fragile: Hybrid Methodology
3. Big Bang: Starting live transactions in all module at one go
4. Roll Out Projects: Modular or Geographical Approach
Depending on the business needs of an organization we choose the methodology

2. Post Implementation Support

ERP Support, Post Implementation, is most critical phase for ERP implementation success.

With the help of:
1. Quick handling of issues in Process Mapping,
2. Addressing Gaps in Training,
3. Making Key Users and IT Administration Self-reliant
4. Bridging Gap’s if any on Master Data Management
5. Assisting client to define SOP’s and so on.

We have been helping the client to become self-dependent after ERP implementation. This service we are adding to each project for smooth client handover.

3. Enhancement & Improvement Projects

ERP Functionalities is continuously improving in 360 degrees. However, a user company can implement these in a gradual manner.
We are up for the challenge to improve utilization of these upcoming functionalities in each of our clients.

We have contributed immensely in multiple projects to increase utilization of ERP from 30to 50%.
This includes automation and improvement in internal controls. For achieving this we use advanced tools like

1. Dashboards,
2. Web services,
3. Work flows,
4. Automated Emailing,
5. Automated notifications
6. Performance optimization
7. Data Archival Process
8. Incoming Document functionalities
9. Role based Access Management
10. Bar Code Integration
11. BI and Weigh bridge integration and so on.

Our resources are fully capable to use these advance tools in dynamics products, to take the ERP implementation to next level.

4. On and Off-Site Support Services

However good your current ERP set-up, business critical issues can arise, sometimes at the worst possible moment.
As a RAMA client, you have the comfort of knowing that, should this happen, RAMA ERP team is there to ensure that
any issues are dealt with quickly and will be swiftly resolved.

We provide support in below ways:
1. Dedicated On-Site Support with techno-functional expertise
2. Ticket based offsite support. We use world class help desk software to create and manage these tickets
3. Hybrid offsite, onsite support customized for the support needs
4. Activity based support

In support we generally cover:
1. Error or bugs resolution
2. Minor Hot Fix upgrades
3. Training on a need basis
4. Correction, Development or enhancement of current reporting structure

We have committed support desk for responding each support queries as per respective SLA’s.
For critical issues our team is ready to provide support off business hours too so that business can run in an uninterrupted manner

5. Migration – Version Upgradation

Dynamics Products are continuously getting upgraded.

1. AX 2012 R2/R3 is getting upgraded to Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan
2. Navision 2013R3/R2 is getting upgraded to Navision 2016 and then to the business addition

Though Microsoft provides full upgradation tools but upgradation of application and data
needs a systematic approach for a smooth migration to upgraded products

Considering that:
1. Microsoft is gradually reducing supports to an older version
2. Rapid changes in taxation scenarios globally
3. Drastic improvements in technical and functional architecture to avoid obsolescence
require each organization to continuously upgrade.

RAMA ERP has expert technical and functional resources for doing upgradation in an apt manner.

6. Add-On/ Implementation & Development

Though Microsoft Dynamics products have vast functionalities, for some specific needs add-ons in these ERP’s has a role to play. We as a RAMA is developing Add ons to meet these specific needs. We have over the period developed below add-ons on top of Navision :

1. Capex Module
2. Quality Management Module
3. Field Sales Module for Mobile Application
4. Power BI
5. Kockpit for plug and play Power BI

RAMA is committed to improve this capability and to provide a one stop solution to all Dynamics ERP needs.